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Table 1 Formulation of enablers for the processing of biodiesel from waste cooking oil

From: An appraisal on enablers for enhancement of waste cooking oil-based biodiesel production facilities using the interpretative structural modeling approach

No. Enablers Comments Sources
1 Awareness to used cooking oil as biodiesel Used cooking oil drained or repetitive use, main culprit [58, 62, 66]
2 Human health concern Used cooking oil misleading human health since is it used as edible oil [52, 58]
3 Used cooking oil collection center The collection centers are most influenced by biodiesel production using waste/used cooking oil. To enhance biodiesel production, a sufficient number of collection centers must be established [54,55,56,57]
4 Biodiesel production facility To meet the demand for alternating sources of fossil fuel large-scale production facility for biodiesel required [50, 62, 66]
5 Adequate supply of used cooking oil Having a steady supply of waste cooking oil for a large-scale manufacturing plant is like breathing fresh air [53, 60]
6 Production Technology for biodiesel To meet emission standard and engine compatibility UCO/WCO biodiesel production technology play a vital role [50, 51, 53]
7 Belief in environment concern WCO/UCO affects the environment adversely and WCO biodiesel supportive to nature to diesel fuel [52, 61,62,63,64]
8 Availability of technical expertise To utilized the WCO and for research and development, an expert in the field required [59, 64]
9 Financial assistant to biodiesel producer To promote the production of WCO-based biodiesel financial support Tax, etc. [59, 65]
10 Quality of human resources Technical manpower and their training [59, 64]
11 Biodiesel supportive vehicles Creating a market for biodiesel production, promoting the people for WCO biodiesel [56, 61]
12 Government policy and support Incentives and benefits offered by the government for production and use [55, 63, 65]