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Table 1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Protein acetylation regulates xylose metabolism during adaptation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Strain Alias Description Source
SQ-2   MATα, ura3::Ppgk1-XR4m-Tpgk1/Ppgk1-XDH-Tpgk1/Padh1-XK-Txks1/Padh1-RPE1-Trpe1/Ppgk1-RKI1-Tcyc1/Padh1-TAL1-Tadh1/Pkgd1-TAL1-Ttal1/Ppgk1-XYL1-Tadh1/Ppgk1-XYL2-Tpgk1/Ppgk1-XKS1-Tpgk1 Capital Normal University
BY4742   MATα, his3Δ1, leu2Δ0, lys2Δ0, and ura3Δ0 This study
L2612   MATa, leu2-3, leu2-112, ura3-52, trp1-298 can1 cyn1 gal+  This study
yYST10   BY4742, (ho::Ppgk1-XYL1-Tcyc1-Ptdh3-mXYL2-Ttef1-Tfba1-Ptpi1-XKS1-Txks1) This study
yYST12   L2612, (ura3::Ppgk1-XYL1-Tpgk1-Ppgk1-mXYL2-Tpgk1-Ppgk1-XKS1-Txks1) This study
yYST24   BY4742, (pRS425-Ptdh1-XKS1-Tpgk1-Ptdh3-RsXI-Tcyc1) This study
yYST31   BY4742, (ho::Ptdh1-XKS1-Tpgk1-Ptdh3-RsXI-Tcyc1) This study
yYST210 H4K5R yYST12, (hhf1::HHF1(K5R),hhf1::HHF1(K5R)) This study
yYST245 ΔHDA1 yYST12, (ΔHDA1) This study
yYST246 ΔHOS2 yYST12, (ΔHOS2) This study
yYST247 ΔHST1 yYST12, (ΔHST1) This study
yYST248 ΔRPD3 yYST12, (ΔRPD3) This study
yYST249 ΔELP3 yYST12, (ΔELP3) This study
yYST250 ΔGCN5 yYST12, (ΔGCN5) This study
yYST251 ΔHPA2 yYST12, (ΔHPA2) This study
yYST252 ΔSAS3 yYST12, (ΔSAS3) This study