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Table 4 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Adaptive laboratory evolution and shuffling of Escherichia coli to enhance its tolerance and production of astaxanthin

Strain Description Source /reference
E. coli AST-4 Astaxanthin producing strain, E. coli AST-2 ΔlppΔbamBΔuspEΔyggE [17]
E. coli AST-4A Astaxanthin producing strain, E. coli AST-4 mutant after the adaptive laboratory evolution This study
E. coli AST-4AS Astaxanthin producing strain, the shuffled strain of E. coli AST-4A after ep-WGS This study
E. coli AST-4ASΔyadC::P37-rnb Astaxanthin producing strain, replacement of yadC with the rnb under the control of P37 promoter in E. coli AST-4AS This study
pSIM6 pSC101 replicon, PL-gam-bet-exo, Ampr [40]
pBbB2K-dCas9*-MCPSoxS CRISPRi/CRIPRa plasmid; pBbB2K-dCas9* containing the MCPSoxS sequences [38]
pTargetA E. coli scRNA expression vector, BglBrick vector, Ptet promoter, Sper, pMB1 ori [38]
pZSKBP constitute expression vector, pSC101 ori, P37 promoter, kanr, BglBrick, ePathBrick containing four isocaudamer
(AvrII, NheI, SpeI, and XbaI)