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Table 1 The benefits and drawbacks of petrodiesel and biodiesel

From: Could termites be hiding a goldmine of obscure yet promising yeasts for energy crisis solutions based on aromatic wastes? A critical state-of-the-art review

Fuels Advantages Disadvantages
Petrodiesel Low feedstock cost High emissions of GHG and pollutants
  Low viscosity High toxicity
   Low biodegradation rate
   Non-renewable fuel
   Low flash point
Biodiesel Low emissions of GHG and pollutants Expensive feedstocks (first- and second-generation biodiesels)
  Low toxicity Requires land for feedstock cultivation (first- and second-generation biodiesels
  High biodegradation rate Some feedstocks have low crop yields (first- and second-generation biodiesels)
  Renewable fuel  
  High flash point  
  Can be used in diesel engine