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Table 1 Conditions assessed for the second-stage alkaline-oxidative pretreatment

From: Technoeconomic evaluation of recent process improvements in production of sugar and high-value lignin co-products via two-stage Cu-catalyzed alkaline-oxidative pretreatment

Alkaline-oxidative pretreatment parameter Value
Temperature (°C) 80
Residence time (h) 12
CuSO4 dosage (wt. %)a 0.159
2,2'-Bipyridine (bpy) dosage (wt. %)a 0.156
NaOH loading (wt. %)a 10
H2O2 loading (wt. %)a 0–8
O2 pressure (psig) 50
  1. aBased on the weight of original biomass