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Table 2 Cost and operation assumptions and parameters used in the economic model

From: Technoeconomic evaluation of recent process improvements in production of sugar and high-value lignin co-products via two-stage Cu-catalyzed alkaline-oxidative pretreatment

Raw material costs
 Hybrid poplar $55/dry metric tonne
 Glycoside hydrolase enzymes $5/kg protein
 NaOH $149/metric tonne
 CuSO4 $1.50/kg
 2,2′-Bipyridine $30/kg
 H2O2 $1.00/kg
 H2SO4 $88/metric tonne
Product selling price
 Hydrocarbon biofuel MFSP, set by solution to economic model
 Lignin selling price $0.80/kg
Biorefinery operation
 Biorefinery throughput 83.3 dry metric tonne/h
 Biorefinery operation 8400 h/year
Installed capital costs
 Pre-extraction reactor (90 °C) $2,133,000
 Pre-extraction reactor (120 °C) $2,879,000
 Pretreatment reactor (no O2) $15,746,000
 Pretreatment reactor (with O2) $28,157,000
 Material handling $4,500,000
 Oxygenation $9,590,000
 Pretreatment concentration and lignin separation $62,893,000
 Enzymatic hydrolysis $65,682,000
 Catalytic conversion $101,617,000
 Wastewater treatment $78,951,000
 Storage $5,544,000
 Boiler $39,386,000
 Utilities $4,192,000