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Table 1 Strains and plasmids

From: The pyruvate decarboxylase activity of IpdC is a limitation for isobutanol production by Klebsiella pneumoniae

Strains or plasmids Relevant genotype and description References
K. pneumoniae strains
 CGMCC 1.6366 TUAC01 Wild type [12]
 ΔbudA–ΔldhAipdC ΔbudA, ΔldhA, pDK6-ipdC This work
 ΔbudA–ΔldhAkivD ΔbudA, ΔldhA, pDK6-kivD This work
 IpdC ΔbudA, ΔldhA, ΔipdC, pDK6-ipdC [18]
 KivD ΔbudA, ΔldhA, ΔipdC, pDK6-kivD This work
 T290L ΔbudA, ΔldhA, ΔipdC, pDK6-ipdC-T290L This work
 L546W ΔbudA, ΔldhA, ΔipdC, pDK6-ipdC-L546W This work
E. coli strains
 E. coli DH5α Host of plasmid Lab stock
 BL21(DE3) Host of plasmid Lab stock
 BL21/ipdC Carries pET28a-ipdC This work
 BL21/kivD Carries pET28a-kivD This work
 BL21/D289L Carries pET28a-ipdC-D289L This work
 BL21/T290L Carries pET28a-ipdC-T290L This work
 BL21/Q383M Carries pET28a-ipdC-Q383M This work
 BL21/A387I Carries pET28a-ipdC-A387I This work
 BL21/F388W Carries pET28a-ipdC-F388W This work
 BL21/A387L Carries pET28a-ipdC-A387L This work
 BL21/V542I Carries pET28a-ipdC-V542I This work
 BL21/L546W Carries pET28a-ipdC-L546W This work
 BL21/D289L + T290L Carries pET28a-ipdC-D289L + T290L This work
 BL21/A387I + F388W Carries pET28a-ipdC-A387I + F388W This work
 pDK6 Kanr, lacIQ, tac, 5.1 kb [19]
 pDK6-kivD pDK6 carries kivD [18]
 pDK6-ipdC pDK6 carries ipdC [18]
 pET28a Vector carries N-terminal His Tag, Kanr, 5369 bp Novagen®
 pGEM-kivD Vector holding kivD (L. lactis) [20]
 pMD18-T-ipdC Ampr, carries ipdC [18]
 pET28a-kivD pET28a carries kivD This work
 pET28a-ipdC pET28a carries ipdC This work