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Table 3 Plasmids used in this study

From: Engineering proton-coupled hexose uptake in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for improved ethanol yield

Plasmid name Relevant genotype Source
p426TEF 2 μm ampR URA3 pTEF1-tCYC1 [69]
pUDE432 2 μm ampR URA3 pTEF1-MAL11-tCYC1 [41]
pUDE897 2 μm ampR URA3 pTEF1-KlFRT1-tCYC1 This study
pUDE898 2 μm ampR URA3 pTEF1-SeFSY1-tCYC1 This study
pUDE914 2 μm ampR URA3 pTEF1-HXT5-tCYC1 This study
pUDE920 2 μm ampR URA3 pTEF1-KmHGT1-tCYC1 This study
pUDE206 2 μm ampR natNT1 pTPI1-I-SceI-tTEF1 [70]
pUDE1024 2 μm ampR URA3 pTPI1-SeFSY1-tTEF1 This study
pUDE1028 2 μm ampR URA3 pTEF1-KmHGT1-tCYC1 pTPI1-SeFSY1-tTEF1 This study
p414-TEF1p-Cas9-CYC1t CEN6/ARS4 ampR TRP1 pTEF1-cas9-tCYC1 [71]
pUG-natNT2 ampR loxP-natNT2-loxP [72]
pROS12 2 μm ampR hphNT1 gRNA-CAN1.Y gRNA-ADE2.Y [68]
pUDR313 2 μm ampR hphN gRNA-HIS3 gRNA-mTurquoise2 This study
pROS10 2 μm ampR URA3 gRNA-CAN1.Y gRNA-ADE2.Y [68]
pUDR766 2 μm ampR URA3 gRNA-kanMX gRNA-kanMX This study
pUDR211 2 μm ampR KlLEU2 gRNA-HXT8 gRNA-HXT14 [37]
pUDR295 2 μm ampR HIS3 gRNA-GAL2 gRNA-HXT4-1–5;HXT3-6–7 [37]
pRS416 CEN6/ARS4 ampR URA3 [73]
pUDR214 2 μm ampR URA3 gRNA-HXT13-15–16 gRNA-HXT2 [37]
pUDR220 2 μm ampR KlLEU2 gRNA-HXT10 gRNA-HXT9-11–12 [37]
pUDR418 2 μm ampR URA3 gRNA-STL1 gRNA-STL1 [37]
pUDE262 2 μm ampR URA3 pTDH3-LmSPase-tADH1 [41]
pUDE1103 2 μm ampR URA3 pTDH3-SUC2-tADH1 This study
pUDR119 2 μm ampR amdS gRNA-SGA1 [74]
pUDE1089 2 μm ampR URA3 pTEF1-KlFRT1T767C -tCYC1 This study
pUDE1221 2 μm ampR URA3 pTEF1-KmHGT1T1058C-tCYC1 pTPI1-SeFSY1-tTEF1 This study
  1. The prefixes ‘Se’, ‘Kl’ and ‘Km’ indicate genes originating from Saccharomyces eubayanus, Kluyveromyces lactis and Kluyveromyces marxianus, respectively