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Table 4 Energy demand comparison for volatile fatty acids (VFAs) recovery processes

From: Energy-efficient recovery of fermented butyric acid using octyl acetate extraction

Products Solvent Feedstock (wt%) Reboiler duty (MW) for product t/h Remark Refs.
VFA MTBE 5 3.35 Heat integrated [53]
VFA Ethyl acetate 5 2.69   [13]
Butyric acid Octanol 5.5 5.89   [54]
VFA Nonyl acetate/hexyl acetate 0.97 1.34   [9]
Butyric acid Octyl acetate 2.67 2.72 Heat integrated This study
  1. The VFAs have two (acetic acid) to six (caproic acid) carbon atoms