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Table 5 Hydrogen production through dark fermentation of wheat straw

From: Metabolic shift towards increased biohydrogen production during dark fermentation in the anaerobic fungus Neocallimastix cameroonii G341

Pretreatment Organism H2 Yield Publication
Steam acid + enzymatic hydrolysis Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus 3.43 mol/mol sugar [36]
CaO hydrolysis Thermal pretreated anaerobic sludge 114 ml/g total solid [37]
Dilute acid Escherichia coli WDHL 140.1 ml/g total sugars [38]
Dilute acid + enzymatic hydrolysis Mixed sludge 141 ml/g volatile solids [39]
None Neocallimastix cameroonii 2.406 mmol/g
 = 58.84 ml/g*
This study
  1. Comparison of pre-treatment, used organisms, and hydrogen yields of different studies using dark fermentation of wheat straw. *Conversion of mmol to ml hydrogen following the ideal gas law with temperature 21 °C and pressure 1 bar