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Table 1 Fate of the polysaccharide glucan and xylan initially present in washed lime-treated wheat straw after 53 hours of simultaneous saccharification and fermentation

From: Pilot-scale conversion of lime-treated wheat straw into bioethanol: quality assessment of bioethanol and valorization of side streams by anaerobic digestion and combustion

  Fraction Glucan (% by weight) Xylanc (% by weight)
Hydrolysis products Polysaccharides (insoluble)a 25 26
  Oligosaccharides (soluble) 6 52
  Monosaccharides (soluble) 1 24
Fermentation products Ethanol and carbon dioxide (soluble) 48 ---
  Glycerol (soluble) 5 ---
Unaccounted forb (Insoluble/soluble) 15 ---
  1. aA portion of the initial polysaccharides remained as insoluble polysaccharides.
  2. bA portion of the initial polysaccharides were not recovered.
  3. cXylan-derived sugars were not converted by yeast.