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Table 2 Costs and prices used in the economic evaluation (1 EUR ≈ 9.5 SEK).

From: Integration options for high energy efficiency and improved economics in a wood-to-ethanol process

   Raw material 132 SEK/MWh (562 SEK/dry ton)
   Electricitya 450 SEK/MWh  
Ethanol and co-product revenue:   
   Ethanol 924 SEK/MWh (5.50 SEK/L)
   Pellets 195 SEK/MWh (1146 SEK/dry ton)
   Electricity, spot price 350 SEK/MWh  
   Electricity certificate 200 SEK/MWh  
   District heating 280 SEK/MWh  
  1. aOnly applicable in scenario B