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Table 5 Composition of Miscanthus hydrolysate prepared at the bench scale.

From: Efficient hydrogen production from the lignocellulosic energy crop Miscanthus by the extreme thermophilic bacteria Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus and Thermotoga neapolitana

Components   g l-1 COD, g l-1
Monomeric sugars   38.3 40.0
  Glucose 26.8  
  Xylose 10.3  
  Arabinose 1.2  
Di- and/or oligosaccharides    7.6
Acetic acid   1.9 2.0
Lactic acid   1.8 1.9
Unknown components    13.8
Total hydrolysate    65.3
  1. Pretreatment of 1.35 kg of milled Miscanthus (10 × 10 mm2 sieve) was done at a solid content of 0.125 g g-1 and 9% NaOH (w w-1) for 6 h at 75°C. Acetic acid was used for pH adjustment of the dewatered pulp prior to enzymatic hydrolysis (50°C for 24 h).