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Table 5 Logistics assumptions

From: The greenhouse gas emissions performance of cellulosic ethanol supply chains in Europe

   Unit Strawc Softwoodb
Biomass parameters Form   Bales Logs Bundles Chips
  Bulk density odt.m3 0.11 0.462 0.251 0.219
  Distribution density 100 0.6 0.43 0.43
Logistics parameters a Unit capacity m3 100
  Daily availability 18
  Annual availability day.yr-1 261
  Vehicle speed Km.h-1 50
  Terminal time hr.trip-1 2
  Fuel economy Km.l-1 2.7
  1. a[25]; b[34]; c[23] (GIS-based assessment of cereal straw energy in the European Union – average value for East Anglia, UK).