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Figure 2

From: Cross-reactions between engineered xylose and galactose pathways in recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Figure 2

Sugar consumption and product formation during anaerobic batch fermentation in defined medium. Strains: Control-PPP-XYL (A, C, E) and PGM2-PPP-XYL (B, D, F) with 20 g l-1 xylose (A, B), 20 g l-1 xylose and 20 g l-1 galactose (C, D) or 20 g l-1 xylose, 20 g l-1 galactose and 20 g l-1 glucose (E, F). Inocula were grown in defined medium with 20 g l-1 glucose. Symbols: galactose (filled square), xylose (open square), glucose (filled diamond), ethanol (filled triangle), biomass (DW) (open circle), acetate (plus symbol), glycerol (multiplication symbol), xylitol (minus symbol).

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