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Table 2 Various host strains used to analyze transporter function.

From: Optimizing pentose utilization in yeast: the need for novel tools and approaches

Strain Relevant genotype Other plasmids (promoter and gene)
TMB3201 Δhxt1-17 Δgal2 Δstl1 Δagt1 Δmph2 Δmph3 his3-Δ1::YIpXR/XDH/XK -
BY4727 MATα his3Δ200 leu2Δ0 lys2Δ0 met15Δ0 trp1Δ63 ura3Δ0 PADH1-PsXYL2, PPGK1-PsXYL1, PHXT7-ScXKS1-THXT7
H2219 Δhxt1-7 Δgal2 ura3-Δ1::XR/XDH his3-Δ1::XK -
RE700 Δhxt1-7 -
  1. The basic genotype of strains used in prior transporter assay studies is provided.