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Figure 1

From: Lignin monomer composition affects Arabidopsis cell-wall degradability after liquid hot water pretreatment

Figure 1

Enzyme hydrolysis of stem material . Enzyme hydrolysis time-course of (A) untreated, (B) liquid hot water (LHW)-pretreated, and (B) LHW-pretreated and hot-washed wild-type and genetically modified Arabidopsis. thaliana samples (2% (w/v) using a mixture of cellulase (Spezyme CP 50 filter paper units/g glucan or 90 mg protein/g glucan) and β-glucosidase (Novozyme 188 100 cellobiase units/g glucan or 34 mg protein/g glucan) at 50°C and pH 4.8.

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