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Table 2 Biochemical properties of recombinant Nf Xyn11A and Ta Xyn10A xylanasesa

From: Thermostable recombinant xylanases from Nonomuraea flexuosa and Thermoascus aurantiacus show distinct properties in the hydrolysis of xylans and pretreated wheat straw

Enzymes Specific activity (nkat/mg) Mw (MS)
K m
V max
kcat (s-1) kcat/Km
(mg-1 s-1 ml)
Nf Xyn11A 3,064 23.4 6.0 5,862 136.9 22.8
Ta Xyn10A 13,691 32.8 1.0 7,236 236.9 236.9
  1. aKinetic values were analyzed using birchwood glucuronoxylan as substrate.