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Figure 5

From: Silage produces biofuel for local consumption

Figure 5

Effect of various combinations of enzymes on the degradation of fiber and organic cellular content in solid-state fermented whole rice plants. Forage paddy rice plants were fermented with various enzymes. The relative content of amylase and pronase degradable fraction (Occ) and non degradable fraction (OCW), cellulase degradable fraction of OCW (Oa) and nondegradable fraction (Ob), and ADL compared to the ash content are displayed. Values are expressed as the mean (SD) of two replications. The significance level in the comparison against the silage sample made from the same material was adjusted for the multiplicity effect. *P < 0.05. ADL: acid detergent lignin; Oa: organic a; Ob: organic b; Occ: organic cellular contents; OCW: organic cell wall.

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