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Table 4 The fresh weight (FW) and dry weight (DW) mixing ratios, and the estimated recalcitrance index (RI) for yellow poplar chips and mown lawn clippings using in setting up the compost of this study

From: Tracking dynamics of plant biomass composting by changes in substrate structure, microbial community, and enzyme activity

Compost feedstocks FW mixing ratio water % DW mixing ratio Estimated recalcitrance index *
Yellow Poplar 1 7% 6 0.56
Mown lawn 1 85% 1 0.25
  1. Notes: *The RI value of yellow poplar chips is estimated to be 0.56, an average for hardwood biomass, while that of mown lawn clippings is estimated to be 0.25, a typical value for herbaceous plants such as corn stover and big bluestem grass biomass (see review [8]).