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Table 1 Number of transformants isolated when E. coli methylation is varied

From: Dcm methylation is detrimental to plasmid transformation in Clostridium thermocellum

   Average number of transformants per µg DNA (range)
E. colihosta Methylationb pAMG205 pAMG206
Top10 Dam+, Dcm+ 4 (0−14) 570 (95−630)
C2925 Dam-, Dcm- 1 (0−4) 1 (0−2)
C2925+i.v. Damc Dam+, Dcm- 2200 (960−4800) 1900 (820−4200)
BL21 Dam+, Dcm- 2600 (680−5900) 4400 (1100−9500)
  1. aE. coli strain from which plasmid DNA was isolated.
  2. bState of plasmid methylation by E. coli Dam and Dcm DNA methylases.
  3. cPlasmid DNA was methylated in vitro by E. coli Dam methylase.