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Table 4 Estimated biodiesel yield from fungal lipids grown with wheat straw

From: Feasibility of filamentous fungi for biofuel production using hydrolysate from dilute sulfuric acid pretreatment of wheat straw

  This study Theoretical
Lipid yield (kg ton-1 glucose) 195 320a
Lipid yield (kg ton-1 xylose) 121 340a
Lipid yield (kg ton-1 wheat straw)b 103 200
Biodiesel yield (gal ton-1 glucose) 55 89
Biodiesel yield (gal ton-1 xylose) 34 95
Biodiesel yield (gal ton-1 wheat straw)c 29 56
Current biodiesel yield in US (billion gal y-1)d 0.32 0.62
Potential biodiesel yield in US (billion gal y-1)d 1.65 3.19
  1. a Theoretical lipid yields on glucose and xylose are described by Papanikolaou and Aggelis [38].
  2. b 39.6 g glucose and 21.6 g xylose can be obtained from 100 g wheat straw with dilute sulfuric acid pretreatment followed by enzymatic hydrolysis [36].
  3. c The biodiesel yield from direct methanolysis of M. isabellina biomass is 91.0% [37].
  4. d The current and potential annual wheat straw yields in US are 11 million dry tons and 57 million dry tons respectively [18].