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Table 3 Comparison of ethanol yield per dry ton of biomass for cases with and without washed solid process options, Ctrl = Control, DA = Deacetylated, MR = Mechanical Refining

From: Improved ethanol yield and reduced Minimum Ethanol Selling Price (MESP) by modifying low severity dilute acid pretreatment with deacetylation and mechanical refining: 1) Experimental

  Ethanol yield (gal/dry ton biomass)
  No washing W/ washing
  1)Ctrl 2)DA 3)MR 4)DA + MR 5)Ctrl 6)DA 7)MR 8)DA + MR
2011design 79.0        
34 M95 63.9 73.4 70.4 82.2 71.1 82.4 78.4 88.2