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Figure 1

From: Boosting the free fatty acid synthesis of Escherichia coli by expression of a cytosolic Acinetobacter baylyi thioesterase

Figure 1

Sequence alignment of deduced amino acids of the A. baylyi thioesterase (‘AcTesA) with the thioesterase I of E. coli (‘TesA). The expressed ‘AcTesA has 37.97% amino acid sequence identity to the ‘TesA protein sequence, and shares the same catalytic-triad residues as ‘TesA, suggesting that ‘AcTesA may function as a SGNH-hydrolase. The grey backgrounds indicate the identical amino acid residues between ‘AcTesA and ‘TesA. The asterisk marked residues represent the speculated catalytic triad.

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