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Figure 3

From: Increasing the metabolic capacity of Escherichia coli for hydrogen production through heterologous expression of the Ralstonia eutropha SH operon

Figure 3

Growth and in vivo hydrogen production by strains expressing SH hydrogenase. Cultures, pregrown under the same conditions, were incubated at 37°C in anaerobic vials containing modified M9 glucose (+IPTG, Ni and Fe). Samples were taken periodically to measure OD (A) and hydrogen (B). FTGH2/pJWPH5 (-♦-); FTJWDC3/pJWPH5 (-■-); JWGH1/pJWPH5 (--); DJ1/pJWPH5 (--); DG2/ pJWPH5 (-□-); FTDPH10/ pJWPH5 (--).

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