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Table 12 Economic data, base case used as reference

From: Bioelectricity versus bioethanol from sugarcane bagasse: is it worth being flexible?

Process and economic data Value
Time usage 80%
Days of operation 210 days/year
Ethanol direct/indirect costs (1G) 94.75 USD/m3
Sugarcane costs (1G) 314.78 USD/m3
Ethanol production cost(2G, extra cost) 290.1 USD/m3
Electric energy production cost 38.9 USD/MWh
Ethanol transportation cost 28.9 USD/L
Administrative and general costs 1.1 USD/TC
Ethanol selling price 513.7 USD/m3
Electric energy selling price (public auction) 69.2 USD/MWh
Electric energy selling price (spot market) 40.1 USD/MWh
Enzymes 1.68 USD/kg
Depreciation 10%(p.y.)
Minimum acceptable rate of return 11%(p.y.)
Decrease in production cost due to learning curve* 0.3(1)%(p.y.)
Tax rate (income and social contributions) 34%
  1. *for 1G(2G).