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Table 4 Steam consumption (total and specific)

From: Bioelectricity versus bioethanol from sugarcane bagasse: is it worth being flexible?

Sector Steam consumption (total (kg/h) / specific (kg/TC))
  BioEE BioEth
Juice treatment 51971/103.9 a 51971/103.9 a
Concentration 185240/370.5 241210/482.6
Distillation 121775/243.5 a 188455/376.9 b
Pretreatment* 0 38493/394.3
Total 185240/370.5 289550/579.1
  1. *Steam specific consumption in kg/TB.
  2. aUses steam from concentration step.
  3. bUses both steam from concentration step and from the back pressure turbine (5.2% of the latter).
  4. Plant capacity: 500 tonnes of sugarcane per hour.