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Table 8 Chosen option between electric energy surplus (EE) and 2G ethanol production (2G) for the flexible biorefinery

From: Bioelectricity versus bioethanol from sugarcane bagasse: is it worth being flexible?

Month 1st to 8th year 9th to 13th year 14th to 25th year
January 2G 2G 2G
February 2G 2G 2G
March 2G 2G 2G
April 2G 2G 2G
May 2G 2G 2G
June 2G 2G 2G
July 2G 2G 2G
August 2G 2G 2G
September EE 2G 2G
October EE EE 2G
November EE 2G 2G
December 2G 2G 2G
  1. The numbers in the first row are the interval of years for which the behavior of the flexible biorefinery remained constant. Spot energy price assumed to be equal to twice its current value (80.2 USD/MWh).