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Figure 1

From: Tween 40 pretreatment of unwashed water-insoluble solids of reed straw and corn stover pretreated with liquid hot water to obtain high concentrations of bioethanol

Figure 1

Effect of different pretreatment methods with unwashed and washed WIS on ethanol concentration. The conditions of Tween 40 pretreatment were as follows: Tween 40 concentration, 1%; the ratio of WIS-to-Tween 40, 1:10 (w/v); pretreatment temperature, 50°C; and pretreatment time, 1 hour. The fed-batch S-SSF conditions were as follows: 1 g dry weight biomass; cellulase loading, 20 FPU/g oven-dried WIS; pre-hydrolysis temperature, 50°C; pre-hydrolysis time, 18 hours; fermentation temperature, 36°C; and fermentation time, 72 hours, and after 6 hours of pre-hydrolysis, 1 g dry weight biomass was supplemented into the flask.

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