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Figure 7

From: A laboratory-scale pretreatment and hydrolysis assay for determination of reactivity in cellulosic biomass feedstocks

Figure 7

Results from combined pretreatment-enzymatic hydrolysis assay for 156 feedstock samples. (a) Xylan content; (b) glucan content; (c) total xylose release; (d) total glucose release; (e) total xylan yield; (f) total glucan yield; (g) total sugar (glucose + xylose) release; (h) reactivity. Samples are grouped by feedstock type: CS, corn stover; CSG, cool season grass; MS, miscanthus; SG, sorghum; SW, switchgrass. There was much variation in structural carbohydrate content and all six measures of reactivity within the feedstock types.

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