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Table 1 Mean and standard deviations of replicate measures of xylose release from pretreatment, glucose release from enzymatic hydrolysis, and overall xylose and glucose release from the combined pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis assay for the corn stover control sample used for each assay batch, and the pooled standard deviation for all replicated samples

From: A laboratory-scale pretreatment and hydrolysis assay for determination of reactivity in cellulosic biomass feedstocks

  Xylose release (PT) Glucose release (EH) Xylose release (PT + EH) Glucose release (PT + EH)
Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD
Corn stover control samples 0.160 0.007 0.476 0.022 0.228 0.007 0.309 0.021
All replicated samples -- 0.009 -- 0.014 -- 0.009 -- 0.011
  1. The mean of all replicated samples is meaningless in this context, and is not shown. PT, pretreatment; EH, enzymatic hydrolysis.