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Figure 5

From: Adsorption of β-glucosidases in two commercial preparations onto pretreated biomass and lignin

Figure 5

Relative amount of free β-glucosidase activity from Cellic® CTec2 and Novozym 188 in the presence of different pretreated biomasses dosed to identical dry matter content. The composition of the pretreated biomasses can be seen in Table 1. The pretreated biomasses were dosed according to their content of water insoluble solids (4.6% total DM). Lignin loadings: No substrate (reference), 0 mg/mL; PWS (steam pretreated wheat straw), 16 mg/mL; PCS (steam pretreated corn stover), 13 mg/mL; OWS1 and OWS2 (organosolv pretreated wheat straw at different pretreatment conditions), 6 mg/mL and 10 mg/mL; and SES (steam exploded spruce), 24 mg/mL. The activities are relative to the activity in the control without added substrate for each enzyme.

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