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Figure 3

From: A synthetic biology approach for evaluating the functional contribution of designer cellulosome components to deconstruction of cellulosic substrates

Figure 3

Schematic representation of the scaffoldins in the final scaffoldin library. Twenty-four different arrangements of the cohesin (A, B and T) and carbohydrate binding module (CBM) (c) modules are shown in three sub-libraries: no-linker, short-linker and long-linker versions of the given chimaeric scaffoldins. The left column indicates the number of each scaffoldin set according to its composition (position of CBM and divergent cohesins). The 45 successfully cloned and expressed scaffoldins included in the final library are shown as colored pictograms. An additional 11 scaffoldins were cloned but not expressed (shown as gray pictograms); 16 additional scaffoldins were not expressed (gray background); 14 full sets, representing 42 cloned and expressed scaffoldins, were finally achieved for further study.

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