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Table 4 ANOVA table showing sources of variation from the field and laboratory and corresponding model terms

From: Identification of crop cultivars with consistently high lignocellulosic sugar release requires the use of appropriate statistical design and modelling

Source of variation Model term
Laboratory plate  
Field block F block
Residual L day
  L day x L plate
L plate x Laboratory plate plot  
Field plot  
Cultivar Cultivar
Residual F row x F column
  F row
  F column
Residual L plate x L plate plot
  L plate x L column
  L plate x L row
  L row
  L column
  L row x L column
L plate x L plate plot x Laboratory technical replicates Residual
  1. For the design factors shown: L, laboratory; F, field; x, represents an interaction between terms; L plate, refers to the 96-well plate used in the laboratory phase; L row and L column, refer to rows and columns of the plate; and L plate plot, refers collectively to the four wells that contain the technical replicates of a single sample.