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Figure 3

From: Bacteriophage-encoded lytic enzymes control growth of contaminating Lactobacillus found in fuel ethanol fermentations

Figure 3

Turbidity reduction analysis of LysA, LysA2, LysgaY and λSa2 endolysin against multiple lactobacilli in a range of pH and ethanol concentrations. a) Effect of pH on turbidity reduction specific activities (OD600nm/min/μM; as described by [49]). b) Effect of ethanol on lysin activity (normalized to specific activity achieved at pH 5.5 in panel a). Live cells of L. fermentum isolate 0605-B44 (blue), L. fermentum isolate BR0315-1 (green), and L. brevis isolate 0605–48 (red) were used as substrate. Data represent the average of three experiments (n=3) ± SEM.

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