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Figure 5

From: Carbohydrate-binding modules (CBMs) revisited: reduced amount of water counterbalances the need for CBMs

Figure 5

Adsorption of intact and core TrCel7A on pre-treated wheat straw and Avicel. Free intact or core Cel7A enzymes (as the percentage of total loaded enzymes) after incubation at 4°C in the presence of pre-treated wheat straw (WS) or Avicel (A) at 1% and 10% concentration (w/w). All samples were taken after 30 min when the equilibrium was reached. Additionally, pre-treated wheat straw (WS) and Avicel (A) were first incubated for 30 min at 4°C, then diluted tenfold and incubated for further 30 min before sampling (10% diluted to 1%) to study the reversibility of enzyme adsorption.

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