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Figure 2

From: Novel 1H low field nuclear magnetic resonance applications for the field of biodiesel

Figure 2

Simultaneous screening of oils by viscosity and oil content using chemometrics. Oils were chosen for the application because of the possibility of controlling oil content with constant FA content of each sample from the same oil source. PCA score scatter plots of PC 1 and PC 2 are shown for: (A) The covariance matrice pre-processed by the 1st intensity value. Since all the samples per type of oil were very closely clustered, the name of only one of the oil samples, for each of the oils, is shown. (B) The covariance matrice without pre-processing. Fitting of the calculated PC 1 and PC 2 for each of the individual oils separately yielded a perfect linear regression (the curves for each of the separate oils are illustrated on the plot).

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