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Figure 2

From: Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for high-specificity production of isoprenol and prenol as next generation of biofuels

Figure 2

Isoprenol and prenol production by employing different phosphatases and pyrophosphatases. a, strains with the expression of S. cerevisiae isopentenyl pyrophosphate:dimethylallyl pyrophosphate isomerase gene IDI1; b, strains without the expression of IDI1. BL21, the wild-type E. coli BL21(DE3); Control, without the overexpression of any phosphatase or pyrophosphatase gene; ‘phoA, phosphatase gene ‘phoA from E. coli; ‘DPP1 and ‘LPP1, phosphatase genes ‘DPP1 and ‘LPP1 from S. cerevisiae; phoE, phosphatase gene from B. subtilis; BsNudF, the ADP-ribose pyrophosphatase gene from B. subtilis; EcNudF, the ADP-ribose pyrophosphatase gene from E. coli. The error bars represent the range from three independent experiments.

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