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Figure 5

From: Metabolic engineering of Escherichia colifor the biosynthesis of alpha-pinene

Figure 5

Effect of different organic nitrogen source on α-pinene production by YJM28. A: beef extract (Aladdin, ); B: beef extract (Beijing AoBoXing Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, ); C: beef extract powder (MDBio, Inc, ■); D: beef extract powder (Beijing AoBoXing Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, ); E: beef extract (Beijing Shuangxuan Microbe Culture Medium Products Factory, ); F: beef extract (Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd, ); G: beef extract (solarbio, ♦). When OD600 reached 0.6-0.9, cultures were induced at 30°C for 56 h using 0.25 mM IPTG. The experiment was performed in triplicate.

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