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Table 5 Fermentation parameters

From: Techno-economic comparison of ethanol and electricity coproduction schemes from sugarcane residues at existing sugar mills in Southern Africa

Parameter Value and description
Hydrolysate Alkaline detoxification [24, 25]
Total dissolved sugars in raw hydrolysate 200 g/l primarily consisting of hemicelluloses. Glucose originating from 30% solubilisation of the cellulose in the trash [49]
Fermentation Mode Fed-batch, initially with 60% of the reactor loaded with diluted hydrolysate
Fed-Batch Initial Sugars 92 g/l, as per the hydrolysate in Kurian et al.[24]
Yeast loading 1.5-2 g/l dry weight [25, 74]
Conversion to Ethanol 82.5% of pentose, 90% of hexose
Fermentation Time 140 hours [75]