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Figure 6

From: Evolution of substrate specificity in bacterial AA10 lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases

Figure 6

Evolution of chitinolytic and cellulolytic AA10 genes. (a) Plot of pairwise estimated dN and dS for genes from cellulolytic and chitinolytic clades, clade A (circles) and clade D (diamonds), respectively. Values were calculated by pairwise comparison of all genes within each clade and filtered to remove insignificant values (see text). Also shown are trend lines for dN/dS ratios of 1 and 0.2, representing approximate thresholds for positive and negative selection. Site-specific estimation of dN/dS ratios for clade A (b) and clade D (c). Positively selected residues are colored in red, neutral in grey, and negative in blue (x-axis corresponds to protein sequence and y-axis to the posterior probability of the estimation). dN/dS ratios were also mapped onto the CBP21 structure 2BEM, and the modeled structure for SACTE_3159. Colors correspond to selection rates described above.

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