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Figure 1

From: Engineering a fungal peroxidase that degrades lignin at very acidic pH

Figure 1

Acidic pH stabilities of 14 ligninolytic peroxidases from the P. ostreatus and C. subvermispora genomes. Residual activities of P. ostreatus (PLEOS) VP1 (PC9 genome model 137757), VP2 (PC15 genome model 1113241), VP3 (PC15 genome model 156336), short MnP1 (PC15 genome model 1096331), short MnP2 (PC15 genome model 199510), short MnP3 (PC15 genome model 1089546), short MnP4 (PC15 genome model 1099081), short MnP5 (PC15 genome model 199511), and short MnP6 (PC15 genome model 1041740) and C. subvermispora (CERSU) extralong MnP5 (genome model 49683), extralong MnP6 (genome model 50686), long MnP10 (genome model 117436), long MnP12 (genome model 157986), and short MnP13 (genome model 124076), after 24-h incubation at 4°C, in 100 mM Britton-Robinson (BR) buffer of pH 2.0 to 5.0. Means and 95% confidence limits from triplicate experiments.

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