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Figure 5

From: Effects of production and market factors on ethanol profitability for an integrated first and second generation ethanol plant using the whole sugarcane as feedstock

Figure 5

Effect of WIS and EH residence time on 2G MESP for the {C5 EtOH, B, 250% EHE} case. Three WIS levels (10%, 20%, 30%) and two residence times (48 hours, 96 hours) are the variables used for the comparison of 2G MESPs when ethanol is produced also from bagasse pentoses at high enzyme efficiency. For case definitions see Table 1. 2G, second generation; B, bagasse; C5 EtOH, pentose fermentation to ethanol; EH, enzymatic hydrolysis; EHE, enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency; MESP, minimum ethanol selling price; WIS, water-insoluble solids.

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