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Figure 3

From: Cellulases without carbohydrate-binding modules in high consistency ethanol production process

Figure 3

Glucose and xylose yields in small-scale hydrolysis experiments of pretreated wheat straw. Combinations of CBHs: 25% of native CBH I (CBM-) (Ta Cel7A) was replaced by the CBM containing CBH I (CBH+) (Ta Cel7A + Tr CBM) or by the CBM containing CBH II from Chaetomium thermophilum (Ct Cel6A). The enzyme preparations also contained EG II (CBM-) (Ta Cel5A), XYL and BG from Thermoascus aurantiacus. Substrate consistency was 20% DM, hydrolysis time 48 hours and temperature 50°C. BG, β-glucosidase; CBH, cellobiohydrolase; CBM, carbohydrate-binding module; DM, dry matter; EG, endoglucanase; XYL, xylanase.

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