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Figure 1

From: Transgenic expression of delta-6 and delta-15 fatty acid desaturases enhances omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid accumulation in Synechocystissp. PCC6803

Figure 1

PCR and immunoblot analysis of wild-type (WT) Synechocystis and desaturase transformants. (A) PCR analysis of transgenic Synechocystis, in which a fragment of psbA2 was deleted and replaced with various exogenous genes. M, Trans15k DNA marker; WT, wild-type Synechocystis sp. PCC6803; lane 1, pSDSy15; lane 2, pSDGf1215; lane 3, pSDSy15Sy6; lane 4, pSDGf1215Ma6; lane 5, pSDSy15Ma6; lane 6, pSDGf1215Sy6. The primers used in the PCR analysis (psbA2 promoter-F and psbA2-R) are described in the Methods section, and were combined to amplify the psbA2 fragments (1.5 kb). (B) Immunoblot analysis of WT Synechocystis and desaturase transformants using (a) Flag tag and (b) His tag antibodies. Lane 1, WT Synechocystis sp. PCC6803; lanes 2–7, pSDSy15, pSDGf1215, pSDSy15Sy6, pSDGf1215Ma6, pSDSy15Ma6, and pSDGf1215Sy6 Synechocystis transformants, respectively.

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