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Table 1 Identified reactions that contribute significantly to the predicted maximum cytochrome c production rate

From: Theoretical exploration of optimal metabolic flux distributions for extracellular electron transfer by Shewanella oneidensisMR-1

Reaction ID Flux Enzyme EC Number Reaction Subsystems
Min Max
CYOO2 81.68 81.68 Cytochrome-c oxidase (2 protons translocated) (2) focytcc [c] + (4) h [c] + (0.5) o2 [c] -->(2) ficytcc [c] + (2) h [e] + h2o [c] Energy metabolism
  1. (Note: the flux values are calculated by multiplying the reaction flux (not shown) and the stoichiometry coefficient of the cytochrome c.)
  2. The flux ranges were calculated from the FATMIN algorithm.