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Table 7 Comparison of predicted amperages and power outputs of the three modes

From: Theoretical exploration of optimal metabolic flux distributions for extracellular electron transfer by Shewanella oneidensisMR-1

  Conditions Biomass growth rate (h-1) Electron (mmol gDW-1 h-1) Amperage (A gDW-1) Coulombic efficiency (CE%) Theoretical limit of the power output (W gDW-1)
MET 5% of maximum growth rate 0.01432 97.40 2.610 81.17% 2.166
DET 81.68 2.189 68.07% 0.5604
DET with flavin secretion 81.98 2.197 68.31% 0.5738
  1. Note: Cytochrome c and NADH have different standard potentials. The power density for the mixed mode was calculated by summing the power contributions from the riboflavin and FMN-involved DET and the cytochrome c-dependent DET; that is, the current outputs of DETs were multiplied by their appropriate voltages, respectively.