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Table 1 Pretreatment scheme in combination of pretreatment

From: Pretreatment of Japanese cedar by ionic liquid solutions in combination with acid and metal ion and its application to high solid loading

Pretreatment scheme Pretreatment solvent Anti-solvent
Entry 1 (control) [BMIM] Cl/HCI Water
  (IL:HCI:water = 78.8:1.2:20 wt%)  
Entry 2 [BMIM] Cl/HCI + FeCI3 Water
  (IL:HCI:FeCI3:water = 74.0:1.2:4.8:20 wt%)  
Entry 3 [BMIM] Cl/HCi Acetone-water
  (IL:HCI:water = 78.8:1.2:20 wt%)  
Entry 4 [BMIM] CI/HCI + FeCI3 Acetone-water
  (IL:HCI:FeCI3:water = 74.0:1.2:4:20 wt%)