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Table 3 Enhancement of Cellic CTec2 at a loading of 2 FPU/g glucan on pretreated sugar cane bagasse by recombinant CBH in transgenic corn stover leaf extract

From: The combination of plant-expressed cellobiohydrolase and low dosages of cellulases for the hydrolysis of sugar cane bagasse

Pretreatment Recombinant CBH-dependent increase in % glucan conversion Cellic CTec2 dosage equivalent to Cellic CTec2 at 2 FPU/g glucan plus 5 units recombinant CBH
H2SO4 and steam explosion 8.1 6
NaOH and steam explosion 7.8 3
Glycerol/HCl and steam explosion 16.2 7
Acidified EC/EG 10.5 3
BMIMCl 21.8 6
Ball-milling 21.7 5