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Figure 5

From: Kinetic transcriptome analysis reveals an essentially intact induction system in a cellulase hyper-producer Trichoderma reesei strain

Figure 5

Schematic view of gene expression kinetics in NG 14 and RUT C30. Approximate regulation timing for each cluster is shown, and the number of each cluster is indicated inside each arrow. Red up-arrows and green down-arrows represent up- and down-regulated clusters respectively. Black bold line indicates the start time of protein induction and production in each strain. Main functional categories found in each cluster are indicated as Neo (gluconeogenesis), Rib (ribosome biogenesis), AA (amino acid metabolism), Lip (lipid metabolism), Caz (CAZymes), TP (transporter), Met (metabolism), Pro (extracellular protein degradation), Sec (secretion) and Ctrl (transcriptional control).

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